What is spray polyurethane foam and what is it used for?
Polyurethane is a material used in spray insulation which is manufactured by mixing two raw materials: polyol and isocyanate. Polyurethane foam is a result of mixing these two substances by by means of specialist spray devices. PU foams are widely used in construction industry as an alternative insulation material. They are excellent in scope of operational safety and functionality.
Is insulating a house with polyurethane foam better than using other insulating materials?
Unlike other insulating materials polyurethane foams fill even the smallest places and those the most difficult to reach. They also keep wind gusts and air outside, while not allowing for losing cooling or heat from inside. A relevant advantage of polyurethane foam is also its long life. Foams do not change their properties with time, which happens in case of other insulating materials which undergo degradation, sink or shrink.
Where can Polyurethane foam be used?
Comfortable spray application of Master ThermoShield Polyurethane foam makes it possible for use widely on almost all surfaces and materials used accross the industry, such as zinc coated sheet, wood, glass-fibre laminate, wood-based panels, expanded polystyrene, tar board, steel. At the same time, foam flexibility allows for tight fit of the material to all surface shapes. The PU foam can be also used to soundproof such places as hospitals, doctor’s offices or recording studios.
Can it be used both in new and old buildings?
ThermoSheild insulation solutions can be used in both, old and new buildings. It is particularly recommended for old buildings, when such works as roof reconstruction is required. The method of foam application by spraying allows for fast, possibly covering even several hundred square meters with foam in one day, and cost-effective reconstruction of buildings and insulation of a new one.
How to choose the right insulation solution?
Depending on location and surface you want to insulate, a suitable foam type needs to be chosen. For insulating walls and floors, the Polystyrene or Polyurethane boards are used. However Polyurethane Spray foam is best for roofs and ceilings. Speak to a Master ThermoSheild consultant who can help you review and choose the best product solution.
How does an energy-efficient building stand out?
An energy-efficient building requires considerably less energy for cooling or heating in comparison to traditional constructions, reducing costs and helping go eco-friendly.
Do insulation foams cause allergy?
Master ThermoShield foams do not cause allergies thanks to their highly set manufacturing quality standards. This makes it difficult for dirt and bacteria to settle, which is why they do not irritate upper respiratory tracts. We can even say that they are friendly for anyone suffering from allergies, because there is no dusting effect and the insulation itself is odourless.

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