Volka Foods

Volka Foods Factory

The Client: Volka Foods

Covered Area: 150000 Square Feet

Location: Multan, Punjab, Pakistan

Volka Foods International is a modern, food production facility of confectionery goods and bakery products. They are specialized in providing hygienic products in line with international production standards. Their commited to providing quality products with unparalled hygeine.

As their production facility is located in Multan, a city that has a very high temperature compare other cities of Punjab. The type of insulation that was used in their factory was Master ThermoSheild PolyurethaneSpray. The insulation was performed on various surfaces such as their factory roofs, which regulated the building’s internal temperature and now the workforce can work in a more cool and comfortable environment. The warehouses were also insulated, the raw materials and manufactured goods are stored here and the building was insulated in order to keep the products at a lower temperature to insure their quality and freshness. Master ThermoShield fulfilled all of Volka Foods’ requirements and provided them withthe most appropriate insulation for their facility.