Umer Group

Blessed and Bhanero Textiles Factory

The Client: Umer Group

Covered Area: 350000 Square Feet

Location: Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

Umer Group has been in the textile industry for 32 years. The group comprises of three companies; Bhanero Textile Mills, Faisal Spinning Mills and Blessed Textiles. All three of these companies are operating both spinning and weaving facilities. Their factories are located in Sindh and Punjab where the temperature tends to be on higher in these regions, which is why Master ThermoShield was the ideal solution for Umer Group.

Master ThermoShield provided thermal insulation to Umer Group at all their factory units in Sindh and Punjab, while they were having their buildings renovated. Thermal insulation was necessary for their facilities due to the high amount of heat produced through the process of Spinning and Weaving. Our insulation keeps the internal temperatures regulated at their factories, which makes the environment more comfortable. The insulation also helps keep the machines from overheating so that they can keep running efficiently. Our Polyurethane Spray insulation helped control water seepage into the buildings due to the joint-free and rigid insulation.