Style Textile

Style Textile Factory

The Client: Style Textile

Covered Area: 800000 Square Feet

Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Style Textile is textile and apparel manufacturer and has worked as a partner to various international brands including Nike, Adidas and Reebok. The company manufactures both finished garments as well as fabrics. The internal machinery in textile factories causes the environment within to become exceedingly hot. As they are located in Lahore, where there are unbearably high temperatures in the summer months, thermal insulation was absolutely necessary for their factory.

We provided Style Textile with Master ThermoShield Polyurethane Spray insulation, which is joint-less, and the best suited for them specifically as it aids in controlling the interior climate of large facilities. Their facilities requirements included temperature control and building protection. Our team insulated all the buildings within their premises. Thermal insulation is vital for Style Textile as the chemicals used in the textile industry undergo chemical reactions if exposed to high temperatures. The machinery and generators within the factory are also producing high levels of heat as they are running continuously. Therefore their need to maintain a cooler temperature is crucial in order for the factory to run safely. The insulation also helps keeps the workers’ environment more comfortable indoors.