Sadiq Poultry

Sadiq Poultry Factory

The Client: Sadiq Poultry

Covered Area: 550000 Square Feet

Location: Sohawa, Punjab, Pakistan

Sadiq Poultry Pvt Ltd. Is one of the biggest and fastest growing Poultry groups in Pakistan, the company operates Poultry Breeding Units, Commercial Egg Production Layer units, Livestock Pharmaceuticals, Broiler Production, Grain Storage and Livestock Feeds.

Sadiq Poultry Farms is located in Sohawa, Their facility has been insulated using Master ThermoShield Polyurethane Insulation. Our Polyurethane Insulation was used at their facility as per their farm’s requirement. Our team provided this service to Sadiq Poultry and they were happy with the results. Our insulation helps the company cut costs as it substantially decreases energy use at the farms, which lowers their electric bills and saves energy. It also helps keep the internal atmosphere at a controlled temperature, which is vital for the birds and helps improve their performance, keeps them comfortable and their eggs fresh. The insulation also provides a comfortable environment for the workers at the farm and increases their efficiency in work.