PEL Factory

The Client: Pakistan Elektron Limited

Covered Area: 150000 Square Feet

Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

PEL is an engineering corporation that manufactures major home appliances and electrical equipment. The company has been contributing to development of the engineering sector in Pakistan for many years. PEL’s factory is located in the Punjab region, where the temperatures are extremely hot during the summer. Our client required thermal insulation at their facility in this region.

PEL’s factory in Lahore was insulated using Master ThermoShield’s Polyurethane Spray insulation. Their requirement was to keep the facility at a cooler temperature for the workers in the factory. Internal temperatures at such factories become very high due to the machinery, our Polyurethane Spray is joint-free insulation that provides the excellent protection and temperature control. The spray insulation has a higher R value, which mean it has a greater insulating power. Our Polyurethane Spray insulation is the ideal solution for them as it insulated crevices and awkward-shaped areas where otherroof insulation options cannot work. Master ThermoShield provided PEL with their ideal type of insulation to help keep the temperatures controlled internally as well as prevent the buildup of moisture.