Nestle Pakistan

Nestle Pakistan Factory

The Client: Nestlé Pakistan

Covered Area: 250000 Square Feet

Location: Sheikhupura, Punjab, Pakistan

Nestlé Pakistan is one of the largest Food and Beverages Company in Pakistan. Providing numerous products to consumers be it dairy products, baby food or packaged food products. Being one of the largest international brands in the food industry Nestle Pakistan required the highest quality of insulation. We helpedensure they keep their products fresh and their manufacturing process up to international standards. Master ThermoShield provided insulation solutions to various Nestle Pakistan facilities across the country.

Nestlé has four production facilities across the country; Master ThermoShieldhas provided our insulation services at their factories in Sheikhupura, Kabirwala and Islamabad. Our client’s requirement was to have a controlled temperature within their facilities in order to have a comfortable environment for their workforce. Maintaining cooler temperatures in the summer months is also essential to keep all the products fresh. Nestlé’s facilities were insulated using Master ThermoShield’s Polyurethane Spray insulation as well as the Polyurethane Board insulation. The spray was used on their roofing and the boards were used on the external walls. As a result of this type of insulation, our client measured a major difference in the internal temperatures.