Master Thermoshield Polyurethane Board Insulation

Master Chemicals Ltd. also produces Master ThermoShield Polyurethane sheets which are made from high-quality PU insulating material. These polyurethane sheets are used in the plastics, and the panel-making industry and can be easily glued along with other materials such as wood, steel and aluminum. They have an excellent adhesion to fiberglass and offer a tailor-made filling for doors panels, plastic roofs, cold storages etc. At present we deliver sheets in the 2Ft x 4Ft size and 1 or 2 inch thicknesses.

In the panel-making industry the insulation panels are used in panels for refrigerated transport, refrigeration containers, insulating walls, wall panels, doors and window frames. In the plastics industry they are used as the core materials in polyester boats, roofs, roof edges, dormer windows and are also used in the automobile industry.


Waste Disposal

Disposal of waste should not be in conflict with national or international regulations.

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Typical chemical and physical properties

Reactivity Cup test according to receiving control*
Cream time 5s
Gel tims {string time} 10s
Density (free rise) 29 kg/m3


Properties Standard Value**
Core Density DIN EN ISO 845 35 kg/m3
Compressive Strength DIN 53421 0.23 N/mm2
Compression DIN 53421 8 %
Flexural Strength DIN 53423 0.25 N/mm2
Bending DIN 53423 15 mm
Water Absorption DIN 53428 < 1.8%
Thermal Conductivity DIN 52612 0.0180 W/m K
Water Vapour Diffusion
Resistance Factor
DIN 52615 55
Foam Stability
Subjected to Loading
DIN 18159 3 %
Closed Cells ISO 4590 93
Burning Rate ISO 3585 1.4 mm/s


Property Polyol-component
without blowing agent
with blowing agent
Density, 20 C 1.13 g/cm3 1.23 g/cm3 DIN 51757
Viscosity, 20 C 5,500 mPa-s 300 mPa-s DIN 53018
Polyurethane Board

Insulation System

Effective insulation can help you cut heating and cooling costs and keep buildings more comfortable all year. The Polyurethane Board insulation can be affixed directly to masonry surfaces like brick, block and concrete, in any double-walled or double-skinned building. For the insulation to be effective, the cavity between the two walls needs to be at least 50mm deep (2 inch thickness), and the brickwork must be in good condition. A construction adhesive is first applied to the main load-bearing wall, Master Thermoshield Polyurethane Boards are then placed by aligning the first board at a corner of the structure. Making sure that the bottom of the board fits all the way to the flashing at the footer, the full surface area of the wall is then covered by the insulation. Adjacent insulation board are then fixed and all board edges are then firmly butted together. A Fibre or Wire mesh can be placed on top for reinforcement. As the finishing phase, a single-brick wall is constructed to enclose the insulation boards and is covered with a plaster layer.

Polyurethane Board

Industry Applications

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