Master Thermoshield Polyurethane Spray Insulation

The Master ThermoShield Polyurethane Spray Insulation is a hassle-free solution that makes living and working environments way more comfortable while saving money by reducing electricity and gas bills. Polyurethane is a rigid composition that is recognized globally as the best insulation material for housing and construction field. It is a true cost effective product which forms a protective crust offering better insulation than any other material.

Insulating your Ceilings, Walls and Floors by Master ThermoShield Polyurethane Spray helps keep your home, office or production units cool in summers and warm in winters. Not only that but it also reduces noise levels to enhance the environment in your living or work space.


Waste Disposal

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Typical chemical and physical properties

ReactivityCup test according to receiving control*
Cream time5s
Gel tims {string time}10s
Density (free rise)29 kg/m3


Core DensityDIN EN ISO 84535 kg/m3
Compressive StrengthDIN 534210.23 N/mm2
CompressionDIN 534218 %
Flexural StrengthDIN 534230.25 N/mm2
BendingDIN 5342315 mm
Water AbsorptionDIN 53428< 1.8%
Thermal ConductivityDIN 526120.0180 W/m K
Water Vapour Diffusion
Resistance Factor
DIN 5261555
Foam Stability
Subjected to Loading
DIN 181593 %
Closed CellsISO 459093
Burning RateISO 35851.4 mm/s


without blowing agent
with blowing agent
Density, 20 C1.13 g/cm31.23 g/cm3DIN 51757
Viscosity, 20 C5,500 mPa-s300 mPa-sDIN 53018
Polyurethane Spray

Insulation System

Since the polyurethane foam adheres to most common surfaces, it can be installed on any roof slope. Before the Polyurethane Spray insulation can be applied, the roof deck needs to be prepared. The surface must be dry and free of oils, grease, dirt and debris that could affect the adhesion of the foam. In some cases, a waterproofing membrane or chemical waterproofing is applied on the roof for extra protection before the spray foam installation.  The Polyurethane is then sprayed onto the roof surface rising up to the required thickness. Once it hardens into foam, a thin layer of plastic sheeting (separation layer) can then be placed over the insulation along with a layer of cement screeding reinforced with weld mesh or a gravel layer with cement/ceramic tiles. As a final layer, the Master Thermoshield Polyurethane Spray insulation can be covered with UV resistant paint for a long lasting result.

Polyurethane Spray

Industry Applications

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